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A to Z Reflections


Well, I already posted this, but it seems I should say something else. Well, one thing I’ve learned is that a lack of a theme can make it harder when having to choose my favorite of my own posts.

I want to call attention to one of the several blogs that I discovered thanks to this challenge. Because of the “A to Z of LGBT+ Comics Characters” list over at Things Matter, I learned about some characters I hadn’t heard of, and was reminded of a few favorites.

And I want to give a big thanks to Overlord-G for reblogging “Y is for Yuri“, which accounts for about half the views in what’s been my second-best week ever.

X is for Xabungle


Combat Mecha Xabungle is an anime series from the 1980’s. It was directed by Yoshiyuki Tomino, most famous for Mobile Suit Gundam, and to a lesser extent Brave Raideen and Space Runaway Ideon, but Xabungle is a lot lighter and more comedic than those, or most of Tomino’s other work.

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W is for Writing


Obviously, I’m writing this, and I think I’ve mentioned enough times that I’m also writing novels.

I find it a lot easier to express myself in written form than in speech. I like to have time to decide what I’m saying, to look at the whole thing and make corrections before anyone sees any of it, and to make little asides (like this one) without sidetracking the whole conversation

And I have stories I want to tell. That, more than self-promotion, is the reason I’m finding it harder and harder to keep from mentioning my novel. I still haven’t decided for certain on my publishing route, but I’m determined to be published in some form, because I want people to read this story.

U is for Underdog


No, not this guy.


People always root for the underdog. Even though it’s predictable in itself, people like to see heroes defeat villains stronger than they are, or else small groups win against larger ones. And when there’s not even a “right” and “wrong” side to begin with, the weaker team is always the one that people sympathize with.

I wrote a scene that failed pretty badly due to the plot not really allowing for the antagonist to be a match for the protagonist at that point in the story; the result, while making sense, was simply too anticlimactic for that point in the story and it’s probably the biggest rewrite I have left.

T is for Tekkaman Blade


Tekkaman is a sci-fi/superhero anime from the 1970’s, and Tekkaman Blade is it’s reimagining/reboot from the 1990’s. It’s also one of those cases where the reboot has probably surpassed the original in long-term popularity. The major similarities are that in both, a human transforms into a biomechanical superhero form, his transformation is connected to a robot named Pegas, and he is part of a group called the Space Knights; aside from that the plot and characters are unrelated.

Tekkaman Blade

This is the song that plays during the final battle between Tekkaman Blade and Tekkaman Evil, Masquerade by Kosaka Yumiko.