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Song Challenge Day 30: Theme song of my life

“A song that would be the theme song to a TV show about your life”

Dancer in the Dark, composed by Fatman-P and sung by my favorite vocaloid, Megurine Luka.

(subtitled and uploaded by Kisekikui)

I am more optimistic than this song sounds (as my choice for a song I can relate to indicates), but I definitely feel like I’ve been overwhelmed with things that are either beyond my control entirely, or coming in such a barrage that I have to choose my battles and just endure the rest, and feel like I am still being made to suffer for things that, in a just world, would not have consequences that lasted nearly so long. I realize many people have it far worse than me, but then, that’s an even bigger reason to feel the same way. I haven’t forgotten the good or become consumed…but I can’t be sure I wouldn’t have under entirely plausible circumstances.

This song is probably about where I would be if I actually believed that everything in the world is controlled by “God” or “fate”. Since, instead, I accept that some things happen with no intent by anyone, only parts of it are applicable. For example, I know there’s a risk of my emotions either becoming numb overall (or exploding) if I always suppress them at the lowest points in my life, but those points are exactly when I don’t have the energy for the conflict that would come from letting them show.

Fortunately, the more positive interpretation of the song also applies; not giving up on what’s important even if fully succeeding seems so impossible that the obstacles might as well be “God”.

Song Challenge Day 29: Stuck in my head

“A song currently stuck in your head”

I have something to say about ear worms. And I don’t mean the kind from Star Trek II.

A song’s ability to get into your head and just stay there isn’t necessarily proportional to how much you like it, even though that’s generally the way you wish it would work.

Right now, it’s “PonPonPon” by Kyary Pamyu Pamyu. This song is really cute and generally feel-good, so it’s not a bad thing at all to keep hearing it…unless I’m trying to concentrate on something important.

And no, I don’t know what kind of drugs were involved in the production of the video.

Song Challenge Day 28: I don’t have a girlfriend

“A song that reminds you of your boyfriend/girlfriend (if you don’t have one, make one up)”

“In My Dream”, sung by Eri Shingyoji and, if I’m not mistake, composed by Yoko Kanno like all the other music in Brain Powered (Brain Powerd if the official Japanese spelling really isn’t the mistake it looks like.)

Well, I don’t want to put the actual opening here. (It’s full of nudity, which makes no sense because the series itself has no nudity at all.) So here’s krisiyelle00’s AMV, which focuses on Yuu and Hime as a couple and is therefore a better video option anyway.

My hypothetical girlfriend is not a morning person, mostly because her imaginary dreams are something that imaginary reality can’t quite live up to.

Song Challenge Day 27: Making Fun

“A song you make fun of”

Liking a song and making fun of it are nowhere near mutually exclusive, especially if the song is Japanese; have you heard the Engrish in some of the songs that are in anime? “Just Wild Beat Communication“. “Going Your Days Grow Up“. And of course “I Believe in Drastic My Soul“.

But “Honoo no Overdrive” by Koji Wada, the theme song of Transformers: Car Robots (original Japanese version of Robots in Disguise…er, the first one; say what you will about Japanese Transformers series having equally generic titles, but at least they’ve never repeated one.), is my go-to example.

(uploaded by Kenro200x)

“Go Boy! Convoy!”

“Fire Flush!” (Actually supposed to be “Fire Flash!”)

Song Challenge Day 26: Favorite Band

“A song by your favorite band”

I’m not sure who my favorite band is. My favorite group is JAM Project, who may not strictly qualify as a band. And I already mentioned them four times in the two previous weeks, so I’d rather say someone else.

For some reason the first one that came to mind was Loudness, so let’s go with “Soldier of Fortune”.

(uploaded by Gino Crossover)

Song Challenge Day 25: Acoustic song

“An acoustic song you love”

How about four? I just happened to find this medley around the time I needed to decide what song to use here. It’s JAM Project, unplugged and playing the instruments themselves. The songs are “Fire Wars” (Mazinkaiser), “Nageki no Rosario” (Gravion), “STORM” (Shin Getter Robo vs. Neo Getter Robo), and “DRAGON” (New Getter Robo).

(uploaded by okun mizuki)

Song Challenge Day 24: Anger

“A song that makes you angry”

There are songs that are about things that make me angry, but there isn’t one that’s standing out. Instead, let’s go with a particular cover that made me angry: Cee Lo Green’s version of John Lennon’s “Imagine”.

First, here is the song as it should be:

(uploaded by Rasty Adem)

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Song Challenge Day 23: A cover song

“A cover song”

I could say something about songs that people don’t even realize are covers. A good example is “Fly Me to the Moon”; there is a very real chance that by now the 50 billion recordings associated with Neon Genesis Evangelion might have left some people unaware that song had prior existence. Okay, probably not too many; Frank Sinatra is still famous, and his version was even used by the Apollo program, becoming the first music heard on the moon. But did you know that Frank Sinatra’s version wasn’t the original either? The song was written by Bart Howard and first recorded by Kaye Ballard in 1954, 10 years before Sinatra.

Megumi Hayashibara’s version is a cover of a cover of a cover.

(uploaded by Miguel Concepcion)

There are bands that are all about covers. I really like Animetal and Animetal USA, who, as their names imply, do metal covers of anime songs.

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Song Challenge Day 22: Haven’t listened to for a while

“A song you haven’t listened to in a while”

When Utena was current, or at least more current than it is now, I was obsessed with the music from the series. But with a few exceptions (one of which should be obvious because I mentioned it yesterday (well, from the movie)), I haven’t listened to any of it in years.

In particular, there were the duel themes, and out of those I’m going to single out “Tenshi Sozou Sunawachi Hikari” (“Angelic Creation, Namely Light”), which I really liked.

(uploaded by The Spoon SKU)

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