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Super Robot Wars V announced: Yamato, Cross Ange, Might Gaine

SRWOG: The Moon Dwellers isn’t out yet, but another new Super Robot Wars game has been announced for PS4 and Vita. Super Robot Wars V. (Surprisingly, for “Voyage”, not “Victory” or “Five”.)

Here’s the first trailer:

So, let’s look at those debuts.

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Awesome Music Thursday: Trombe!

Another from Super Robot Wars, this is the theme of Elzam von Branstein, or that guy Ratsel Feinshmeker who looks a lot like Elzam and also pilots mechs named “Trombe”.

And here’s a version with (unofficial, I think) lyrics, which also demonstrates something else that it’s known for:

Due to a glitch in the first Super Robot Wars OG game, Trombe! overrode boss music. This turned out to be so popular that Banpresto did it on purpose in every other game Ratsel was in. Though, there is one way (other than story events) to override Trombe!; have your BGM actually blasting out of speakers or otherwise existing in the context of the game’s story.

Video Game Challenge Day 28: Favorite quote

 “Favorite quote from any video game”

My favorite serious-ish quote is easy enough.

“You humans have strange customs.”

Said by Akuma Zozma in SaGa Frontier, in reaction to Asellus trying to deny/self-hate her own feelings for White Rose.

But since this would be another short post if I left it at that, here are some funnier quotes too. (Possibly not quoted with 100% accuracy.)

From Super Robot Wars; anything Excellen Browning says in battle; especially when using Oxtongue Rifle D.

“This moment of pain is brought to you by the letter D.”

“What does D stand for? Demon? Destroyer? My cup size?”

“D stands for Demolish, Demise, DOOOOOM!!!”

From Project X Zone: “Ghosts and Goblins? Something about that makes me thing of constant meaningless death.”

And the most badass line was in yesterday’s video: “That was pretty interesting. But dropping a warship on me is cheating… Take it back!”

Awesome Music Thursday: Ouka Genei

The fact that JAM Project does songs for the series shouldn’t overshadow the fact that the Super Robot Wars games also have great BGM.

This is Ouka Genei, or Cherry Blossom Phantasm, the theme of Ouka Nagisa, who’s like an older sister to the other pilots from The School. Brainwashed and forced to fight against her former friends, and only playable for maybe a third of one map, she’s easily the most tragic character in OG2/OGS.

Video Game Challenge Day 13: Similar character

“Game character you’re most similar to”


Yuuki Jaggar from the Super Robot Wars series, maybe? He has a certain skepticism that’s portrayed much better than usual for fantasy/soft sci-fi settings, and a strong sense of morals despite starting off under the command of a complete monster. He’s also got a notable distrust of authority, and his reaction to villains seeming “godlike” is much the same as I’d like to think mine would be.

Video Game Challenge Day 4: Favorite Female Character

“Favorite playable female character”

Most of the Super Robot Wars original characters were made to be in the same games with various anime characters, and compare favorably even in the context. And then they get some of their best characterization in the Original Generation games…which also have the advantage of being more gender-balanced than the licensed ones, or than most games in general for that matter.


Lamia Loveless is an artificial human with some speech quirks due to damage. She starts off as a spy infiltrating the ATX team for the Shadow Mirrors, but it’s hardly any surprise when she ends up defecting for real. Her personality gradually gets more human, and she’s also always human enough to be affected by Kusuha’s energy drinks.

As a playable character, she’s one of the two best pilots in OG2, which is only helped by the fact that not one but two of the best mechs in the game are exclusive to her.

Video Game Challenge Day 2: Favorite Game

“Favorite video game”

A much harder question. Either Super Smash Bros. Brawl or Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, I’ll decide between them after I’m played the new one more.

Xenogears is a strong candidate as well; I’ll be saying more about it later.

One less obvious game that’s definitely up near the top for me is Super Robot Taisen Original Generation 2 for the Game Boy Advance. I know it’s not even the best game in the Super Robot Wars series, but it’s the best one that can be played in English.

Finally, there’s one truly timeless game that must be named. No, not Pac-Man, Mega Man, or anything with Mario (I just named one with them, though); this is a game that, with no characters at all, guaranteed that for the rest of my life “The Nutcracker” would make me think of falling blocks:


(Uploaded by Kylin69)

I question whether Tetris really needs to be identified, but that’s the NES version.

Awesome Music Thursday: SKILL

Super Robot Wars is a long-running series of crossover strategy RPGs made by Banpresto. Crossover between, for the most part, mecha anime, and occasionally mecha manga, light novels, or video games. (And occasionally series that aren’t really mecha; it turns out Tekkaman Blade is perfectly able to keep up with the likes of Mazinkaiser and Dancougar without one.)

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