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Super Mario Maker

Recently, some of the time I would otherwise spend blogging has been going toward Super Mario Maker instead.

If you’re interested, here are the codes for some of the courses I’ve made:

King of Evil: B868-0000-0025-AAF1

Bugs in the Garden: 3264-0000-0034-227C

A Little Cave: F3E9-0000-0039-DE8F

Sky Base 2: 9358-0000-003A-1E18

Peach’s Presents: BF99-0000-0048-4E05

Flying Ace: 12EC-0000-004B-692D (this one is hard!)

Go Karting with Bowser: 86C4-0000-0090-11E8

Scattered E3 impressions

I know I haven’t been posting much recently. I’ve been busy with other things, and I don’t really expect to get around to some of the other thing I have in mind for a few weeks.

This particular week one of the things that’s been occupying my time has been following the news from E3, so for now I’m just going to say a few things about a few games.

I’ve never even been that big a Star Fox fan, and I think Star Fox Zero is one of the best games shown.

And it goes without saying that Super Mario Maker is really shaping up to be a must have.

Nintendo is still being annoyingly vague about whether Fire Emblem Fates has two versions like the Japanese release. Though the title seems to be consistent with that nonsense, while the Japanese title (Fire Emblem If) sounds more like the way the game was originally announced where you make an important choice during the game instead of being locked into one by buying it.

The End of Club Nintendo

Club Nintendo, the rewards program that Nintendo has had for over a decade, is closing down this year. They just put the final list of rewards up, and it’s very extensive. Some new posters and a Majora’s Mask puzzle if you want that kind of stuff, and a huge list of downloadable games. So if you have any Club Nintendo coins left, now is the time to use them. (But be patient; the site’s already been down due to overactivity once today.)

Video Game Challenge Day 20: Worst Minigame

“Worst forced minigame”

Specifying “forced” because the more optional something is the more ignorable it is.

Final Fantasy X has some truly terrible ones that are only semi-optional, though, considering you have to play them to get the celestial weapons. The lightning dodging one is just ridiculous.

But my least favorite of all is completely required; the “make Bowser sneeze” minigame in Mario and Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story. Actually, the giant Bowser battles are pretty bad too, or at least excessively hard compared to the rest of the game.

Video Game Challenge Day 12: Platform games

“Favorite action or platform game”

Platform games have been one of the central game genres ever since Super Mario Bros. if not earlier. The majority of characters or series who have been mascots for an entire system or company have had platform games.

There was a time when I liked Sonic’s games better than Mario’s, but that’s changed and the fact that there were some bad Sonic games isn’t really the reason. I have more nostalgia for Super Mario Bros. 3, but Super Mario World is probably the better game in most respects.

But I think Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy’s Kong Quest is even better than any Mario game. (I’ve also enjoyed the more recent DKC games from Retro more than Mario’s recent games, so i guess that’s consistent.) The more equal partnership between the two playable monkeys (or whatever kind of primate Dixie is), the animal buddies, the bonus levels, the pirate theme; despite the big guy not being playable it’s still the ideal Donkey Kong Country game for me, and my favorite platform game of all time.

(My favorite 3D platform game is Super Mario Galaxy 2.)

Video Game Challenge Day 5: Favorite character of other/no gender

“Favorite character of non-binary or player-defined gender”

This is where gender-selectable RPG protagonists go, and Robin from Fire Emblem Awakening would hardly be a bad choice, but I’ve got someone else in mind. And no, it’s not Subaru either.

In this case, I’m going with a classic character who’s been in a lot of games. Originally a sidekick, but also the star of their own series. Sometimes called “he” but lays eggs. Also sometimes paired up with an even earlier character who was the first transsexual character in video game history.

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