The Science of Anime

This is the main page for the “science of anime” series . It will be updated regularly to serve as an index of the posts, and I’ll be taking suggestions in the comment section.


0. Pokemon evolution (this is an older post retroactively added)

1. Space elevators and orbital rings

2. Equivalent Exchange

3. Scale

4. Minovsky Particles

5. Destroying a Planet

6. Spiral Power

7. Sozin’s Comet

8. Poke balls and Capsules

9. Size Changing

10. Space Terminology and Scale

11. Ludicrous Size

12. Destroying the Moon

13. Getter Rays

14. Blood Loss

15. Beam Sabers

Despite the name, examples don’t necessarily have to be from anime. But if I called this “cartoon physics”, people would think it was about Wile E. Coyote not falling until he looks down. And I won’t be looking at “it’s funny because it’s impossible and/or absurd” humor even if it is from an anime (so probably nothing from Bobobo); this is going to be about things that are intended to make sense, even if they are impossible. (Or beyond the impossible.)

I want to start off with a mix of common anime tropes and examples from really famous series. I’m fine with examples from less known series but if I haven’t seen it myself I might not be qualified to write about it. If you have any suggestions, please comment.

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