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T is for Tekkaman Blade


Tekkaman is a sci-fi/superhero anime from the 1970’s, and Tekkaman Blade is it’s reimagining/reboot from the 1990’s. It’s also one of those cases where the reboot has probably surpassed the original in long-term popularity. The major similarities are that in both, a human transforms into a biomechanical superhero form, his transformation is connected to a robot named Pegas, and he is part of a group called the Space Knights; aside from that the plot and characters are unrelated.

Tekkaman Blade

This is the song that plays during the final battle between Tekkaman Blade and Tekkaman Evil, Masquerade by Kosaka Yumiko.

Science of Anime: Space Elevators

Pop quiz time: what do Tekkaman Blade, Gundam 00, and Battle Angel Alita have in common?

They’re all anime that have space elevators and orbital rings. A space elevator is exactly what it sounds like; a tower that goes all the way from the ground up into geosynchronous orbit, so that you can get things into space on an elevator (or a vertically oriented train) instead of launching rockets. An orbital ring is a structure that goes all the way around the planet’s equator connecting several space elevators.

Tekkaman Blade

(Well, the Orbital Ring in Tekkaman actually isn’t as far from the Earth as one should be.)

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