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Blog anniversary

I got the notification yesterday that it’s been a year since I started this blog, and despite how it might look I don’t expect to abandon it.  (Maybe making this a good long post is what I need to get back into the habit?)

So, how has the year gone?

My most busy month was back in November, which isn’t too surprising since that’s also still the month when I blogged the most. (What is surprising is that those posts seem to have been more long-term popularity than many of my later ones too; in the last week when I posted nothing new except a reblog, “NaBloPoMo” has gotten the second most views of any tag/category, after “anime”.)

And now, some lists.

Top “recent” commenters (if this isn’t the same as the top all-time commenters I apologize to whoever got left out; I don’t think I know how to check that), not counting myself:

1. mochirochi – her most recent post is about a movie based on a manga: Trailer: Heroine Shikkaku – Live Action Movie

2. NotAPunkRocker – her most recent post is It’s 9 to 11 Somewhere

3. nikki – her most recent post is Infinity Dreams Award…and Indefinite Hiatus

4. miharusshi, whose most recent post is [ASS] #16 – Let’s Go

5. Jay Dee – his latest post is about one of Jupiter’s moons: Astronomy Quick Facts – Aoede

Most commented-on post: Anime Challenge Bonus: Favorite Scene

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NaBloPoMo and NaNoWriMo

It’s the last day of NaBloPoMo. There was one day I didn’t post, but counting this one I’ve made 40 posts. (Plus 4 reblogs.) Which isn’t necessarily much more than I posted in October, but there I had (all but the last few days of) the 30-Day Anime Challenge. This month I did it mostly without prompts, though I did still resort to serialized posting.

I wrote about anime, toys, and video games, and I also wrote about feminism and diversity. I shared music videos and informative videos, and tried not to rely on videos too much. I said more about Project Quintessence than I had before. And oh yeah, I won Flash! Friday.

December’s going to be a busy month so I can’t promise I’ll keep posting every day, but I’ll definitely try not to miss too many.

As for NaNoWriMo, I didn’t officially attempt it. and I certainly didn’t write a new novel-length work, but I did revise about 40,000 words worth, which is a lot better than I did in September or October at least.


Discussing Transformations

Related to something I wrote a couple of weeks ago, can you just picture a group of robots talking about their transformations:

Hound: I’m a Jeep.

Star Saber: I’m a jet.

Spyglass: I’m one-third of a camera.

Scooter: And they made fun of me. I’m a scooter.

Zero: I’m a Zero (the Japanese plane, not the number).

Tank: I’m a tank.

Sunstreaker: We get it! GoBots had lazy names. I’m a Lamborghini! I’m the awesome one! What about you shiny guys?

Nuggit: I’m a rock.

Gold Lightan: I’m a cigarette lighter.

Star Saber: I don’t want you transforming around my kid.

Galvatron (RiD): I’m a two-headed dragon. And a bat. And a batmobile. And a batjet. And a hand. And a griffin, a one-headed dragon, a mammoth, and a batboat.

Spyglass: Show-off…

Hound: What about you, Turbo Cones?

Turbo Cones: I’m an ice cream cone.

Spyglass: I feel better now.

Galvatron: I’m hungry…

Growing Up

I wrote this for Flash! Friday.

Growing Up

“That umbrella won’t protect you from a storm if you’re in the sea!”

“Maybe I don’t want to be protected.”

“He can’t be worth it!”

“Good guess, wrong pronoun.”

“If you mean you like girls, I’ll be your comfort. For half price.”

At that, the lady in red turned around. “Go home.”

“I don’t have a home.”



“Where do you sleep?”

“With whoever pays me to.”

“I mean the rest of the time.”

“In the park.”

“Not tonight. Come to my place.” Amanda happily followed. “I’m Akane.”


“Maybe it’s time to grow up.”

“I’m not inexperienced.”

“Not you. Me.”

“Usually anyone who looks like you isn’t a virgin unless she wants to be.”

“I never said I was…or that I was buying. That’s not the area where I’m being immature. My mother thinks I’ll outgrow liking girls…but I think what I need to outgrow is giving so much weight to what she says.”

Awesome Music Thursday: HEATS

Yeah, I already did Studio Megaane’s version of the song in this video, but here’s the original song, featured in what I’d consider a candidate for the best anime music video ever.

(uploaded by dwa324)

Both the song (HEATS) and the animation are from Getter Robo Armageddon, also known as Shin Getter Robo – Sekai Saigo no Hi (The Last Day of the World). The singer is Hironobu Kageyama, also known for the first Dragon Ball Z opening, Cha-La Head-Cha-La, and for being a founding member of JAM Project.


History ends right before the future begins

Now that I’m getting close to the next big step toward my first novel, I’m starting to think again about certain aspects of it that I’d considered already decided.

This isn’t anything that I’m thinking about changing, but it is something that’s kind of sticking out when I look at it now. Chapter 1 of Project Quintessence takes place on July 20, 2012, the same day I started writing it, and there are a few references to specific events from that year. My point is, it’s almost like a “historical” setting, except we’re talking about the very recent past, not a time far enough back for anyone to consider really different from the present.

Not counting series where the time between sequels is less than the time between their publication (The Mortal Instruments series comes to mind), I’m not sure how many other stories do this.

In my case, I both underestimated the time it would take to write and overestimated how much I would use timeskips; I actually thought it would transition from recent past to near future, but that clearly won’t happen unless I write a sequel set years after the end of my originally planned story. In any case, the specific real-world references are intended to help establish that the fictional world was “like reality unless otherwise noted” until the events that began to change it.

(There is also one reference to something that’s changed between then and now. In effect, I accidentally foreshadowed something that I didn’t actually know was going to happen in real life so soon.)

NaBloPoMo Fail?

I wasn’t able to get to the internet at all yesterday, which means I didn’t post. And that means I failed at the goal of posting every day this month.

Or is that the goal? If “every day in the month” is a method and the actual goal is “30 posts in the month”, then the fact that I’ve also posted more than once on many days more than cancels out missing one day.

I also posted every day in a row for a period longer than 30 days anyway, it just wasn’t the right time to “count” as NaBloPoMo.

I’m still going to post every remaining day this month and try to maintain a similar average pace after NaBloPoMo is over.