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Video Game Challenge Day 29: Needs a sequel

 “Game that you really wish would get a sequel”

 Probably no surprise to anyone who’s been following this whole series of posts: Xenogears. (Xenosaga doesn’t really count, and Xenoblade definitely doesn’t.) It was even called “Episode V”, implying it should have been part of a series. (And maybe a prequel would be better than a literal sequel.)

Although there is a very good chance that a sequel might fall far short of expectations; in fact tomorrow’s post will be a good example of why I’m saying that.

Video Game Challenge Day 28: Favorite quote

 “Favorite quote from any video game”

My favorite serious-ish quote is easy enough.

“You humans have strange customs.”

Said by Akuma Zozma in SaGa Frontier, in reaction to Asellus trying to deny/self-hate her own feelings for White Rose.

But since this would be another short post if I left it at that, here are some funnier quotes too. (Possibly not quoted with 100% accuracy.)

From Super Robot Wars; anything Excellen Browning says in battle; especially when using Oxtongue Rifle D.

“This moment of pain is brought to you by the letter D.”

“What does D stand for? Demon? Destroyer? My cup size?”

“D stands for Demolish, Demise, DOOOOOM!!!”

From Project X Zone: “Ghosts and Goblins? Something about that makes me thing of constant meaningless death.”

And the most badass line was in yesterday’s video: “That was pretty interesting. But dropping a warship on me is cheating… Take it back!”

Video Game Challenge Day 21: Best Minigame

“Best minigame”

The Virtual-On type game in Xenosaga: Episode 1. It’s completely optional, and completely full of options for something so separate from the main game. You don’t have nearly as many mechs to choose from as in the fighting game minigame in Xenogears (which is another one of my favorites), but you can customize their weapons in ways that make this a better reason to collect them all than the battles in the main game are.

Video Game Challenge Day 19: That One Level

“That one level you hate in a game you otherwise love”

Let me explain something. Xenogears is an RPG with random encounters. It also has a jump button. Those elements combine in an annoying way, because if you run into a battle in mid-air, you lose your momentum and fall straight down.

The first half of Babel Tower is a vertically oriented area with a lot of hard jumps where missing a jump means falling back to the beginning, and it has random encounters.

Video Game Challenge Day 11: RPGs

“Favorite RPG”

I’ve already mentioned Xenogears, so I doubt this is much of a surprise. It’s practically the perfect RPG even with obvious flaws; if budget and time hadn’t caused certain parts to get left out (and if the translation was better) it would be my unquestioned favorite game in any genre.

The story is the best, most complex, and deepest of any video game ever made, with the most developed characters around. Religious and psychological symbolism that actually makes sense, romance, a search for identity, and more backstabbing than Final Fantasy Tactics. (Figuratively. FFT probably holds some kind of record for the amount of literal stabbing.)

The music is just amazing; one of the most emotional video game soundtracks ever.

The battle system is still fine, though the concept involved has been done better since.

Homages and references to anime and classic sci-fi all over the place (a few of the more obvious include Childhood’s End, Soylent Green, and Macross), but it’s still entirely it’s own thing.

The graphics….well, you can’t have everything, but they hold up better than FF7’s do at least.


Video Game Challenge Day 8: Favorite couple

“Favorite video game couple”

For me it’s really only a choice between two, and neither is from Final Fantasy. I really like Hiro and Lucia from Lunar: Eternal Blue; their romance was one of the things that made me start really caring about stories in video games.

But for my favorite, I have to say the main characters from what’s probably still the most mature video game story ever; Fei and Elly from Xenogears.

(Video contains huge spoilers for Xenogears, and comments that don’t make sense without even more spoilers.)

Video Game Challenge Day 3: Favorite male character

“Favorite playable male character”

This is a tough one, but I think I’ve got to say Citan Uzuki, real name Hyuga Ricdeau,  from Xenogears. Introduced as a doctor and quickly established as the most knowledgeable character about almost everything, but also a highly skilled swordsman. I always seem to like the more intellectual characters, especially if they’re also a badass at the same time. (In battle, Citan is actually the best character in the game by a ridiculous margin.)