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Why does Kannazuki no Miko have mecha, and what about those villains?

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Now, I am a big fan of mecha, and normally my attitude toward them is something like this:


“Because it looks cool.” (image from Brave Police J-Decker)

However, if there’s any otherwise good show that has mecha but fails to use them well enough to justify their presence, it’s Kannazuki no Miko, particularly since there is no explanation for why the power of Orochi and the God of Swords are mecha.

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V is for Villain


Most stories need an antagonist of some sort, and for a lot of genres, that means a villain; someone who, whether they see it that way or not (realistic ones usually don’t), is doing something that is indisputably wrong.

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U is for Underdog


No, not this guy.


People always root for the underdog. Even though it’s predictable in itself, people like to see heroes defeat villains stronger than they are, or else small groups win against larger ones. And when there’s not even a “right” and “wrong” side to begin with, the weaker team is always the one that people sympathize with.

I wrote a scene that failed pretty badly due to the plot not really allowing for the antagonist to be a match for the protagonist at that point in the story; the result, while making sense, was simply too anticlimactic for that point in the story and it’s probably the biggest rewrite I have left.

Video Game Challenge Day 9: Favorite villain

“Favorite video game villain”

There are few types of people more dangerous that someone who’s motivated primarily by loyalty to another villain, but in fiction, this kind of villain rarely stays relevant after their boss is defeated, and in video games the person in charge will be the final boss anyway.

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