Y is for Yuri


Yuri is literally Japanese for lily, but it’s come to be associated with the portrayal of lesbian relationships in Japanese media. The etymology is actually a lot more straightforward than that of the male counterpart term yaoi; an influential magazine referred to gay men as the rose tribe and lesbians as the lily tribe.

Yuri manga actually goes all the way back to the 1970’s, but the yuri genre didn’t really become relatively mainstream until much later.

Can anime-influenced written English-language stories (that aren’t fanfiction) count as yuri? Project Quintessence has more than one lesbian relationship, and I’ve also written these stories:

Meeting the Parents

Growing Up

You know, Yuri is a fairly common Japanese girl’s name too. (And also a Russian boy’s name; no connection.) I’ve always wondered if it’s common enough to avert this, or if everyone named Yuri gets the same kind of jokes that Leslie Bean presumably did?

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    Been waiting for this dood to get to the most important letter of his (what I refer to as) Vulcan alphabet. Check out what he has to say about our beloved genre.


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