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Self-demonstrating spam

Despite the fact that this blog’s overall popularity hasn’t been growing much recently (for obvious reasons since I haven’t been posting much), one thing that does continue to increase is the spam comments.

But I just got one that’s more than a little ironic; a spam comment that starts off with “Do you have a spam problem on this site?”

Confession of a Wikiholic

If I lose track of time, it’s most likely because I was reading a website with huge numbers of pages all linked, which of course any wiki is a great example of. TV Tropes is probably the worst best most time-consuming, but it can also happen with Wikipedia or other reference sites, or on any fandom wiki (of which TFwiki is by far the best in both completeness and style).

Basically, if there’s a subject I’m interested in and a ton of links, this can happen:

(xkcd also did one about TV Tropes, but I can’t remember its title.)

And more often then not, I’m there until I have an external reason to leave; not because I’m “done”.

It’s not entirely a bad thing since I’ve certainly learned things that I’ve been able to apply from some of those sites, but there are definitely times when I just look at a clock and wish I hadn’t spent so long there.

Authors Answer 64 – Authors’ Childhood Dream Jobs

I remember one time I asked my first grade teacher how to spell paleontologist, and she didn’t know either.

I Read Encyclopedias for Fun

Did authors always want to grow up to be authors? Some did, of course. But most probably didn’t think of writing as a profession that they wanted to do. There’s a wide variety of jobs, and most probably wanted to do something entirely different.


Question 64 – When you were a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?

Linda G. Hill

I always wanted to be a veterinarian, probably because I read All Creatures Great and Small by James Herriot at a young age. But come high school I took physics instead of biology because I couldn’t stand the thought of dissecting a frog. By that time I was much more interested in human psychology anyway. Though I never went to university to study what makes people do the things they do, psychology continues to fascinate me.

Allen Tiffany

First a scuba diver, then a soldier…

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Authors Answer 60 – Merry Christmas from All of Us

Happy holidays.

I Read Encyclopedias for Fun

For the first time, Authors Answer falls on Christmas Day. So, we have a very special and simple message for all of you from all of us. We’re sharing a bit of what we’re doing for Christmas with you.

I’d also like to mention that this will be Caren Rich’s final Authors Answer. I want to thank her for her participation. It’s greatly appreciated, and I enjoyed her answers very much. Thank you, Caren, and good luck!

2002_Blue_Room_Christmas_treeQuestion 60 – What are your plans for Christmas Day?

D. T. Nova

To spend time with my family, and probably stay off the internet almost entirely.

Gregory S. Close

In a word: pie.

Paul B. Spence

I plan to spend the winter holiday with my family and friends, as one should.

Caren Rich

We are very traditional when it comes to Christmas. The kids pull us out of bed before the sun…

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Authors Answer 56 – Our Other Creative Endeavours

I actually tried to learn how to draw, but I never really got very good at it.

I Read Encyclopedias for Fun

Authors are creative people. Writing requires a person to be creative. But just how creative are we? Some only write, while others are multi-talented artists. So this week, we find out just how talented a bunch we are.

Mona_Lisa,_by_Leonardo_da_Vinci,_from_C2RMF_retouchedQuestion 56 – Apart from writing fiction, do you do any other creative works?

Linda G. Hill

I used to knit, crochet, and quilt a lot but there hasn’t been much time for it in recent years. I’m too busy writing and editing, happily. 🙂

Gregory S. Close

I really love music.  If I had a choice at an alternate creative career, it would be to play bass guitar in a progressive rock band.  Unfortunately, there is a bit of a talent gap between me and that choice, so instead I’ve just tried to play when and where I can over the years.  I also enjoy composing different kinds of music, and…

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I’ve been nominated for the Creative Blogger Award


Another award so soon? Thank you, lynlynsays, for this nomination.

The rules of the Creative Blogger Award.

  • Thank the person who nominated you and include a link to their blog.
  • Share 5 facts about yourself.
  • Nominate 15 – 20 bloggers and add their links.
  • Notify the bloggers you included.
  • Keep the rules in your post to make it easy for everyone to know what to do!

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Ask a Question for Authors Answer

Have any questions you’d like to ask some authors?

I Read Encyclopedias for Fun

The time has come for some new questions. If you have some questions about books, writing, or any aspect of publishing that you want our authors to answer, please leave them in the comments below. Check the Authors Answer index page to see what has already been asked so you don’t ask a duplicate question.

These questions will start appearing in July. As for June’s questions, I’m asking questions about various aspects of writing. You’ll be able to see how different authors approach writing and publishing.

We’re heading into the 30s soon. Imagine that, we’ve answered nearly 30 questions! Time flies. All ten authors have stuck with it, so I’d like to thank them for being so wonderful.

So, let’s get some great questions!

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