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Song Challenge Day 30: Theme song of my life

“A song that would be the theme song to a TV show about your life”

Dancer in the Dark, composed by Fatman-P and sung by my favorite vocaloid, Megurine Luka.

(subtitled and uploaded by Kisekikui)

I am more optimistic than this song sounds (as my choice for a song I can relate to indicates), but I definitely feel like I’ve been overwhelmed with things that are either beyond my control entirely, or coming in such a barrage that I have to choose my battles and just endure the rest, and feel like I am still being made to suffer for things that, in a just world, would not have consequences that lasted nearly so long. I realize many people have it far worse than me, but then, that’s an even bigger reason to feel the same way. I haven’t forgotten the good or become consumed…but I can’t be sure I wouldn’t have under entirely plausible circumstances.

This song is probably about where I would be if I actually believed that everything in the world is controlled by “God” or “fate”. Since, instead, I accept that some things happen with no intent by anyone, only parts of it are applicable. For example, I know there’s a risk of my emotions either becoming numb overall (or exploding) if I always suppress them at the lowest points in my life, but those points are exactly when I don’t have the energy for the conflict that would come from letting them show.

Fortunately, the more positive interpretation of the song also applies; not giving up on what’s important even if fully succeeding seems so impossible that the obstacles might as well be “God”.

Song Challenge Day 4: Reminds me of something sad

“A song that reminds you of something sad”

My number one pick for this is probably the song I’ll be naming for day 8, but for now, the surprisingly tragic classical version of “Servant of Evil”.

(uploaded by ThatCylindricalGuy)

This one is a little complicated to credit. It’s originally by Akuno-P/mothy, but this is Tetoteto’s arrangement rather than the original. The visuals of the video were made by Hamu-ren, and the translation by animeyay. And of course it’s sung by the vocaloid Kagamine Len.

Awesome Music Thursday: Romeo and Cinderella

Hatsune Miku is pretty famous, but in case someone doesn’t know, she’s the most popular vocaloid, basically a human voice synthesizer that’s widely treated as a character. Miku has sung so many different songs that even some of the most popular ones might still be known only to a fraction of her fans. Romeo and Cinderella is one of my favorites out of songs that Miku (solo) is the original singer of.

The lyrics are an intentionally confused mash-up of a bunch of different stories. It’s also one of the “dirtier” Miku songs, and the video is probably NSFW.

(Uploaded by arklung03)

I’m pretty sure the subtitles are more accurate here:

(Uploaded by My Little Miku Corner)

Awesome music Thursday: Lie

In case anyone doesn’t know what a Vocaloid is, they’re basically singing voice synthesizers. The most popular is Hatsune Miku (who you’ve probably heard of even if you haven’t heard the term “vocaloid”), the first Japanese Vocaloid 2. Generally, it’s the Japanese ones that are popular because they are actually treated more like characters.

However, Megurine Luka is in the top five or so, and she was the first officially bilingual vocaloid, so she’s sung some good English-language songs too. And here’s one of them.