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Mazinger Z vs Transformers crossover manga

Announced on Japanese side Villagebooks is an unexpected but cool upcoming crossover.

Plot: Hiroto Ishikawa
Synopsis: Naoto Tsushima
Artist: Hayato Sakamoto,
Hayato Yoshioka, Hidekazu Yoshiya, Yoshiya Yoshioka, Masayuki Fujisawa, Makoto Tsushima
Cover: Akira Nagai
Gallery Art: Funazu Nonaka, Go Oshima, Yuki Isao, Fumitaka

D180223 has posted a video containing all the known information about it:

GoBots wiki

A group from TFWiki have started a new project, the GoBots wiki. It will cover GoBots, Rock Lords (This particular page is worth reading even if you have no interest in Rock Lords themselves.),  Robo Machines, and Machine Robo.

Let’s get Crane Robo’s reaction to the news.


Hey, Crane Robo, can we keep this site PG-13?

(Yes, that is an actual screen capture from Machine Robo: Revenge of Cronos.)

Here’s a good place to start. The fact the page is about 80% my doing has nothing to do with that judgment…

Japanese X-Men openings

No need for very much explanation here. This video is the openings (and eyecatches) from the Japanese dub of the 90’s X-Men cartoon.  The songs are “Rising” and “Dakishimetai Dare Yori Mo” by Ambience.

The animation here is so much better than in the actual episodes.

How did Cable get so prominent in the first opening? He was only in like three episodes. And the Brood were in less than that.

5 More Impractical Robot Transformations

Last year I did a list of unusual transformations that are still among my most popular posts, so here’s an addition to it.

Oh, and here is a more complete article about the McDonalds Changeables, which I included on the previous list but had difficulty finding much about.

#5 – Mirage


One of the original Transformers. I mentioned him as a side note in the previous list, but didn’t think race cars should take more than one spot on the list. But after completing the list I was made aware of something I hadn’t known.


Formula 1 cars cannot drive on normal roads. I don’t mean they just aren’t street legal; they literally can’t drive on any road that has a “crown”, or on any surface that isn’t completely flat.

(Mirage does manage to drive on regular roads in the cartoon despite the fact that the real vehicle he looks like can’t, but this could only be accomplished by some kind of inaccuracy, and is only one of several factors that make him by far the most conspicuous of the original Autobots.)

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Song Challenge Day 14: When I was younger

“A song you liked when you were younger”

Child of the 80’s here. That means I grew up with a lot of toy commercials variable-quality cartoons with catchy theme songs.

I’m not sure what it was about this particular one. Maybe just the shock of how different the way it starts is compared to the TV version made a first impression that stuck for a while, or maybe the fact that the two essentially dueling songs are as different as they are appealed to me. (Case in point.)

Regardless of why, when I was a kid I liked this song a lot more than I do now. (Much like GI Joe itself.)

It’s still the best version of the GI Joe theme, though.

(uploaded by poa9s)

Incidentally, this whole opening sequence has nothing to do with anything else in the rest of the movie.

Song Challenge Day 8: A song that makes me cry

“A song that makes you cry”

A lot of music can affect me emotionally, but there aren’t very many songs that can actually bring me to tears. One that can is “I Will Wait for You”. It’s the English version of a song from a French musical and you can read about that here, or hear Connie Francis sing it here:

(uploaded by Rodrigo Pereyra)

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Song Challenge Day 5: New meanings

“A song that has a new meaning to you every time you hear it”

Most of the time, a song will have at most two meanings to me; my initial impression and one that hits me listening to it later. If there’s ever more than two it’s probably because I never thought that much about any of them.

And I was shocked when I realized that the biggest exception to that was something so well-known and widely heard.

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Song Challenge Day 3: Makes me Laugh

“A song that makes you laugh”

“Cybertron Banzai”, the ending song for Transformers: Victory. This song asks some questions that I don’t think very many people would think to ask about a robot who turns into a jet.

(uploaded by Mike Sweetser)

And back to Steven Universe for a couple here:

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Song Challenge Day 1: A song that makes me happy

“A song that makes you happy”

This could mean a lot of things.

“Stronger Than you”, Garnet’s song from the season 1 finale of Steven Universe, makes me me happy just by existing.

(Composed and written by Rebecca Sugar. Sung by Estelle (Garnet).)

Here it is in context:

(uploaded by Afro Presents)

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