Super Robot Wars 30! Coming to the west!

I, uh, may have preordered the Asian version of Super Robot Wars 30 too fast. Because for the first time ever, a non-OG SRW game is coming to North America. (And South America, except Venezuela. And Europe. And Australia.)

It’s Steam only outside of Asia, but still, a huge deal.

Health teacher indoctrinates students, child harassed

Basically, a teacher in a health class incorporated outright lies into some abstinence only shit, said some homophobic/transphobic shit, repeatedly brought up the Bible while also admitting to being aware of the First Amendment, and said that kids who aren’t raised Christian don’t have values.

A student recorded this, and her father (who happens to be a YouTuber with a quarter-million subscribers) contacted the FFRF, and then they were both bullied, harassed, and threatened by half the damn town. To the point where they had to leave town out of fear for their safety.

I am furious.

Massive violations of separation of church and state in public schools is not the kind of blast from the past I wanted this year.

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