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My 10 Favorite Anime OPs of the 2000s

Or “the rise of the series that change OPs really often and artists fond of caps lock”.

10. Gurren Lagann, “Sorairo Days” by Nakagawa Shouko

I love the way the third opening actually uses the later part of the song.

Incidentally, it just edged out the opening for New Getter Robo. Even on this list Gurren Lagann overshadows what it homages.

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Inspector Green Tag

I’m not sure I really get what this one is about, but Nikki also tagged me for the Inspector Green Tag, which, despite the fact that it can’t be very old, is something that no one seems to know the origin of.

1. When was the last time you went to a store containing anime?

Probably about a month, and that was a used bookstore. There’s no store near where I am that has a really good anime selection.

2. Do you usually watch anime online? On what website?

Sometimes. Different sites, but I think I’ve watched more on Hulu than on any one anime-specializing site.

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30 Day Anime Challenge Day 27: Badass Scene

“Most badass scene from any anime character”

It’s hard to decide. In G Gundam, Master Asia fights mecha with a piece of cloth; in Gurren Lagann, Lordgenome not only fought Lagann with his bare hands but was also able to give a dying speech with a giant hole where his heart and lungs should be (and in the same fight, Simon puts that hole there with what is essentially his keys); in Bleach, Kenpachi Zaraki exists.

This is manga-only, but not much else can top it; in Shin Mazinger Zero, Kouji Kabuto’s reaction to his arm being severed (and what happens to Sayaka in that timeline) is to throw it as an improvised human-scale Rocket Punch!

But I think I’ve got to give it to Dragon Ball Z’s Vegito; silly badassery is still badassery, and well:

Through sheer determination and/or power, he kept fighting (and winning!) after being turned into a piece of candy. After that he went on to let himself be absorbed on purpose so he could (and did) free Buu’s victims from the inside, a case of supreme confidence actually being justified.

30 Day Anime Challenge Day 23: Favorite Attack

“Favorite attack someone used in an anime”

Maybe this is redundant with what I said yesterday, but I think it’s Senbonzakura Kageyoshi, Byakuya Kuchiki’s Bankai. (That’s too many words the spell-checker doesn’t recognize in a row.) One of the most versatile attacks in Bleach; the way it works is really kind of crazy.

To summarize, he drops his sword into the ground, which it falls through like it was water. Then a bunch of giant blades come up out of the ground. And then those break apart into fragments that all float around looking like cherry blossoms on the wind…really sharp cherry blossoms. So basically he’s got like a million tiny flying blades, which is probably enough incentive to prevent anyone from underestimating it because it’s named after a flower.

(Okay, this is the second time this has happened, and I’ve tried more than one different video for this one. Does anyone know why I just occasionally get posts that videos won’t embed in?)

30-Day Anime Challenge Day 22: Favorite Weapon

“Favorite weapon, gear, or armor used in an anime”

Weapon: Senbonzakura

Gear: Hagurumon (What? He’s a gear.)

Armor: Alphonse Elric.

I want to mention Nu Gundam’s Fin Funnels, and similar weapons on other mecha. They just detach and function as the pilot’s personal attack drones, flying around so one person can shoot from any angle.

But for my final answer, I think I’m going back to what I said first. Well, zanpakutō in general, really. The swords from Bleach, that are weapons, and partners, and parts of the wielder all at the same time, and each one is unique. They have their own personalities and, of course, their own special powers. I’m actually not sure which one is my favorite but Byakuya Kuchiki’s might be.