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Super Robot Wars 30! Coming to the west!

I, uh, may have preordered the Asian version of Super Robot Wars 30 too fast. Because for the first time ever, a non-OG SRW game is coming to North America. (And South America, except Venezuela. And Europe. And Australia.)

It’s Steam only outside of Asia, but still, a huge deal.

Thoughts on UFOs

When I was a teenager, I believed in a lot of fringe ideas that I’ve long since rejected by now.  Never really that strongly (it only took one major failed prediction for me to stop believing in psychic prophecy), but I was “pretty sure” about a lot of things where what I’d say now would range from “very unlikely” to “definitely not”.

I never really took the specific claims of ufologists as seriously as cryptozoology or even the Bermuda triangle, but I did read a lot of UFO books and think there was probably something unexplained that people were seeing. (Technically I’d still say there are unexplained UFOs; the belief I’ve rejected is the “all ordinary explanations have been ruled out” claim.)

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