30 Day Video Game Challenge

I’ve decided to make my own video game challenge, based on the 30 Day Anime Challenge. I’ve changed some of the questions around to make it more appropriate but still kept some story-related ones because some games are pretty good in that regard. Anyone who want to do the same is welcome to.

I’ll be starting on Monday (December 22), and it won’t be quite 30 consecutive days because at the very least I’ll be skipping the 24th and 25th.

Day 1 – Very first video game you played

Day 2 – Favorite video game

Day 3 – Favorite playable male character

Day 4- Favorite playable female character

Day 5- Favorite character of non-binary or player-defined gender

Day 6- Hardest game you’ve ever finished

Day 7- Favorite regular enemy in any video game

Day 8 – Favorite video game couple

Day 9 – Favorite video game villain

Day 10 – Favorite fighting game

Day 11 – Favorite RPG

Day 12 – Favorite action or platform game

Day 13 – Game character you’re most similar to

Day 14 – Game you’ve played from start to finish the most times

Day 15 – Most addictive game

Day 16 – Most visually impressive game

Day 17 – Favorite supporting character

Day 18 – Character the game doesn’t let you attack but you wish it did

Day 19 – That one level you hate in a game you otherwise love

Day 20 – Worst forced minigame

Day 21 – Best minigame

Day 22 – Favorite video game weapon, equipment, or power-up

Day 23 – Favorite attack or special move

Day 24 – Moment that shocked you the most in any video game

Day 25 – Saddest moment in a video game

Day 26 – Favorite boss fight

Day 27 – Favorite moment in any video game

Day 28 – Favorite quote from any video game

Day 29 – Game that you really wish would get a sequel

Day 30 – Game that you really wish hadn’t got a sequel

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