30-Day Anime Challenge Summary

Rather than edit the first post with links, I’ve decided to make a new one that should be the first one seen by anyone who decides to check this out after I’m done.


Day 1: First anime

Day 2: Favorite anime

Day 3: Favorite male character

Day 4: Favorite female character

Day 5: Anime I’m ashamed I enjoyed

Day 6: Anime I wanted to see but haven’t

Day 7: My anime crush

Day 8: Favorite anime couple

Day 9: Best anime villain

Day 10: Favorite fighter anime

Day 11: Favorite mech anime

Day 12: Saddest anime scene

Day 13: Anime character I’m most similar to

Day 14: Anime that never gets old

Day 15: Favorite animal sidekick or pet

Day 16: Anime with the best animation

Day 17: Favorite supporting male character

Day 18: Favorite supporting female character

Bonus: Genderless and genderqueer characters (also this was partially an addendum to that)

Day 19: Most epic scene

Bonus: Favorite scene

Day 20: Anime character that gets on my nerves

Day 21: Favorite goofy character

Day 22: Favorite weapon, gear, or armor

Day 23: Favorite attack in an anime

Day 23.5: Favorite attack in a mecha anime

Day 24: Most shocking moment in an anime

Day 25: Saddest anime death

Day 26: Best anime fight

Day 27: Most badass anime scene

Day 28: Favorite anime quote

Day 29: Anime I wish was real

Day 30: Anime I wish never ended


Anime mentioned the most times: all Mazinger series combined (8), Gurren Lagann (6), all Gundam series combined (6), Pokemon (5), Sailor Moon (4)

(I had no idea I was mentioning Mazinger even more than Gundam. I guess I didn’t notice because I didn’t use the Mazinger Z tag for Grendizer or Mazinkaiser SKL. Well, it makes me surer of my Day 6 answers.)

Anime chosen as top answer the most times: all Gundam series combined (4), Gurren Lagann (3)

Favorite anime that I didn’t mentioned during the challenge: Samurai Champloo

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