30 Day Video Game Challenge Summary

I finished this challenge a while back, but I thought I’d make a concluding post like I did for the anime challenge.


Day 1 – Very first video game you played

Day 2 – Favorite video game

Day 3 – Favorite playable male character

Day 4- Favorite playable female character

Day 5- Favorite character of non-binary or player-defined gender

Day 6- Hardest game you’ve ever finished

Day 7- Favorite regular enemy in any video game

Day 8 – Favorite video game couple

Day 9 – Favorite video game villain

Day 10 – Favorite fighting game

Day 11 – Favorite RPG

Day 12 – Favorite action or platform game

Day 13 – Game character you’re most similar to

Day 14 – Game you’ve played from start to finish the most times

Day 15 – Most addictive game

Day 16 – Most visually impressive game

Day 17 – Favorite supporting character

Day 18 – Character the game doesn’t let you attack but you wish it did

Day 19 – That one level you hate in a game you otherwise love

Day 20 – Worst forced minigame

Day 21 – Best minigame

Day 22 – Favorite video game weapon, equipment, or power-up

Day 23 – Favorite attack or special move

Day 24 – Moment that shocked you the most in any video game

Day 25 – Saddest moment in a video game

Day 26 – Favorite boss fight

Day 27 – Favorite moment in any video game

Day 28 – Favorite quote from any video game

Day 29 – Game that you really wish would get a sequel

Day 30 – Game that you really wish hadn’t got a sequel

Games mentioned the most times – Xenogears (9), Super Robot Wars series (5), Donkey Kong series (4), Mario series (4)

Games chosen as final answer the most time – Xenogears (6), Donkey Kong series (4), Dragon Quest series (3)

(I really like Xenogears.)

Favorite game not mentioned – Bravely Default, maybe?

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