Science of Anime: Spiral Power

In Gurren Lagann, it often seems like almost nothing is impossible, and the things that are impossible still happen anyway. Examples (and spoilers):

So in this case, maybe the question should be just how many “exceptions” to the laws of physics do we have to suspend disbelief for when we watch this series?

Would you believe just one?

Yes, really. And that one is “spiral power creates energy, in violation of the law of conservation of energy”, which is specifically confirmed.

Why? Because it can actually be proven mathematically that energy must be conserved for there to be any such thing as consistent laws of physics at all. To be more precise, “energy is conserved” and “the laws of physics don’t change over time” are effectively the same statement.

Now, I’m not sure about all the details of this. But if I understand it right, if you can break the first law of thermodynamics, there’s no reason you can’t also break the second law, or possibly exceed “the speed of light” (by raising the actual speed of light if nothing else), etc.

But energy can become matter and vice versa, and energy has gravity too; if the density of the universe were to grow too high it would all collapse in on itself and become a black hole. This is the Spiral Nemesis that the Anti-Spirals were so worried about.

One question that never comes up in the series (even to dismiss it) is whether spiral power itself could be used to directly prevent a collapse caused by excess spiral power? The very existence of spiral power could mean that the gravitational constant isn’t actually constant. On the other hand, a universe where every fundamental constant changed irregularly wouldn’t be habitable in the first place.

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