Super Robot Wars T: and the unexpected series keep coming

The trailer for the next Super Robot Wars game is here. The next two, actually. Here’s Super Robot Wars T,  for PS4 and Switch, which already has an English release for Southeast Asia confirmed like the last three:

G Gundam and GaoGaiGar in the same game. GaoGaiGar and Might Gaine in the same game.

Gunbuster and VOTOMS are back.

Mazinger Z Infinity becomes the first series to have made its SRW debut in X-Omega to get into a console game. I hope that it’s by no means the last.

Hey, with Infinity, Armageddon, and CCA, that means the whole “holy trinity” of SRW are all older, experienced characters in this one.

But those debuts! Expelled from Paradise isn’t out of the ordinary, but who would have ever expected Cowboy Bebop in SRW? I’ve been hoping for Outlaw Star and this still surprised me.

Captain Harlock’s less surprising only because everyone’s been asking for it ever since Yamato got in. I expect it and Crossbone Gundam to have their plots tied together.

And Magic Knight Rayearth! One of my favorite anime, and again, one that a lot of people wanted, but people have been wanting it for so long that I didn’t expect it to suddenly happen now.

The other game announced today is a mobile game, Super Robot Wars DD. It looks like it’s still gacha based, but turn-based strategy like the main series instead of tower defense like X-Omega. In other words it’s probably similar to Fire Emblem Heroes. I don’t think this one will be in English, though.

Yes, that’s Devilman there. He’s had crossovers with Mazinger Z in anime and Getter Robo in manga, so it’s not as weird as it sounds.

Valvrave and Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans both get their debuts here too.

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