How would Kannazuki no Miko fit in Super Robot Wars?

Okay, I’ve probably written enough about one anime for one month, or maybe it just seems that way because of my relative lack of other posts. This is the last one, and only loosely related.

Here are my previous posts about Kannazuki no Miko:

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  2. Chikane, Himeko, and THAT part
  3. Why does it have mecha?
  4. In defense of Souma

As I’ve said before, I like mecha, though I’m not as enthusiastic as Minerva X:


Yeaaahhhh….moving on…

I also like crossovers, so when I see a series with mecha in it I sometimes try to think about how they’d fit into Super Robot Wars. Despite new series debuting every game there are still a fair number that would easily fit and haven’t been included (particularly since their increased willingness to include material that hasn’t been adapted into anime means there are even Mazinger and Getter series they haven’t used, such as the manga the page above is from), as well as a few which would present some obvious difficulties, notably Bokurano, where it’s a central concept that Zearth takes the life of its pilot every time it is used.

So, what about Kannazuki no Miko? The biggest apparent barrier to adapting it closely might be the same one as Bokurano; Ame no Murakumo requires the life of one of the priestesses to reset the damage done by Orochi. Simply leaving this aspect (or the reset itself) out wouldn’t really work because the idea that one of them must die is the only reason for Chikane becoming an Orochi. (Unless they change that to brainwashing or something.) Note, however, that unlike Zearth, this is only for the reset and not necessarily for every time Ame no Murakumo fights. (And having the reset actually happen in a crossover presents problems of its own.)

Assuming they wanted to stick close to the actual plot as they often do for series making their debut, I think the best option would be to have Chikane actually die as in the anime, and then they could (after at least two or three scenarios, probably without Himeko being available for a while either) bring her back (either resurrection, bring in her reincarnation from the future if the game has time travel, or artificially age the reincarnation) with some element from another series. Alternately, that wouldn’t be necessary if there’s a timeskip long enough for her reincarnation to grow up naturally.

(I’m assuming that after the game finished KnM’s plot, Chikane and Himeko would co-pilot Ame no Murakumo and Souma would (with some excuse) get Take no Yamikazuchi back, because most alternatives would be far less satisfying.)

So what other series would KnM work well with? (I’ll put an asterisk by any that have been in a SRW game before.)

Zeorymer* is an obvious one, for the reasons noted here. The Orochi and Hakkeshu would definitely be working together. I’m not sure the main characters of each would get along particularly well, though.

If they did want to go the generation timeskip path, likely series would be Gundam AGE*, the Getter Robo manga (alternately, placing Shin vs. Neo* after the 70s series* (classic Getter anime is in so many games it’s the main reason the manga and OAVs are underused)), and actually having some of the UC Gundam* series actually being separated by time gaps for once instead at the same time.

Some SRW games like to use series with similar themes, so probably a few of these:

Love triangles: Nadesico* (sort of), G Gundam*, and of course every Macross series*.

Someone having to deal with having killed someone they love: Mobile Suit Gundam*, Layzner*, Code Geass*, Neon Genesis Evangelion*

Reincarnation romance: Aquarion*, Xenogears (considerably less likely to ever be in SRW than KnM, or anything on this list)

One of the “enemy” faction switches sides very early: Brain Powered*, Layzner*, Tekkaman Blade*

Tekkaman Blade

And of course yuri: (having more lesbians around would probably help with Chikane’s gayngst, possibly resulting in the biggest crossover-induced character development since Shinji got Brightslapped): Diebuster*, Iczer-1* and its sequels, Rinne no Lagrange, Robot Girls Z (the 3DS games have been using SD Gundam alongside regular Gundam, so I don’t think it should be ruled out), and the fairly obscure manga Eidoron Shadow (by Satoshi Urushihara, same artist as Chirality).

3 thoughts on “How would Kannazuki no Miko fit in Super Robot Wars?”

  1. Reblogged this on The Yuri Nation and commented:
    And so the KNM: Nova Chronicles come to an amusing conclusion as we find out how the series could possibly fit into the Super Robot Wars Tactical JRPG franchise.

    Personal shoutout to D.T. N for bringing up both Rinne no Lagrange and Robot Girls Z. Thumbs up dood!


  2. This wouldn’t work. Why? Cuz too many self righteous Yuri fans who claim to hate cheating would suddenly have an excuse to cross ship bruh.

    Not gonna be good for the image from all those /u/ goers who hate cheating but only seem to hate it when it involves “hetshit”.

    But as for SRW? It’s SRW. It’s always finds a way. Maybe they might involve Getter Rays infecting Souma. And suddenly Souma goes all Rouma in personality. And it’s a good chance to ship him with someone so that he won’t be a onrey ronery Asian guy.


  3. I love this post. Big fan of Super Robot Wars. Thought KnM deserve to be in, and if SRW could fix things like Gundam SEED Destiny or Cross Ange (which by the way would be perfect for the yuri stuffs to help Chikane deal with her gayngst), KnM definitely needs it.

    My take is that there are several things that would need to fixing:

    1. THAT scene. The controversial rape scene. The basic is that Chikane needed to do something heinous to show her heel turn and shock Himeko. If we can replace the rape with anything else which may be lighter but also shows off heinousness.

    2. We still need to find a way that Souma is still available after Chikane corrupted his mecha and made it hers. This one is easy, just modify the scene that rather than mutating his mecha, she ends up pulling its true form from within, a superior, better form.

    3. The reset. It CAN not just happen. My idea is that while it required the one of the priestess’ lives to restore the damage done by Orochi… this can be mitigated with that other forces from various shows has mitigated the overwhelming power of Orochi that by the time it unleashed its power, the world hasn’t been fully ravaged yet, maybe only a few places. Then the rest of the Super Robots just beat the crap out of Orochi and the damage didn’t become so big that it needed a reset from Ame no Murakumo, therefore, no reset was necessary. However, Chikane still had to commit the heinous act due to earlier mistrust/misunderstanding that such damage control was impossible.

    With that, I can also suggest series which had enemies being abominations that fed on negative emotions to be fit with KnM, to give Orochi people similar. Magic Knight Rayearth (just debuted in SRW T) can be a good fit on this via the Season 2 Big Bad, Lady Debonair. And while they haven’t gotten into SRW, Brave Fighter of Sun Fighbird (the origin of the “Is this a Pigeon” meme) can work with their big bad, Draias.

    4. Kannazuki no Miko can also benefit the one clause that can also benefit the series it gave shout out to: Zeorymer. Rather than making the Necks destroyed anticlimatically, SRW can expand this and make the Necks last longer. Honestly, the same thing could be said to Zeorymer’s Hakkeshus, and they haven’t done that.

    With Rayearth already being put in SRW, I have to say that Kannazuki no Miko would be on top of my list of ‘list of series that can truly benefit being in SRW’. I hope.

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