Reclaiming labels

If you haven’t read this Cracked article about “Gamergate”, you should. (Language warning: it’s Cracked.)

TERMINOLOGY: I’ll be using the term “gater,” not “gamer,” because these assholes claiming to represent gamers is like a cannibal claiming to represent eaters. They’re the only ones who think you have to tear into other people to do it properly, instead of it being something pretty much everybody does now without it defining our lives.

I like this. We shouldn’t let labels that apply equally to us be taken over by the worst examples.

I’m not going to go into “No True Scotsman” territory, but what I will say these people are not the most representative examples of the labels they call themselves by.

Eron Gjoni does not speak for all gamers.

To be honest, the sexist, racist lowest common denominator who refuse to play anything that isn’t about an overly muscled white guy killing people aren’t even the “most hardcore” gamers like they claim to be; I mean, they only play the same games as the other members of their group, claim that 40 hours is too long, and certainly never do anything really hardcore like learn another language to play a game or finish Final Fantasy with all White Mages. (Note: I haven’t done those last two things either. But then, I don’t claim to be more “hardcore” than the majority of gamers.)

Likewise, Thunderf00t does not speak for all atheists. In fact, to claim to be an atheism because you’re skeptical of religion, but not apply that same skepticism to sexism, is inconsistent from my perspective. That’s one of the reasons I generally prefer skeptic as a label, but I won’t say that atheist doesn’t apply and I don’t want a new stereotype of atheists to begin because the misogynists are louder than the feminists.

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