Live-action WHAT?!

Movies based on video games are rarely any good. In some cases, the whole idea that they would want to make that game into a movie is baffling; or then there are a few that might make good animated movies but get inexplicably made in live-action instead. I thought the long-rumored and probably-cancelled live-action Pac-Man was a bad idea, but then I heard about this:

Tetris. You know, a puzzle game that doesn’t have any characters. (Let’s forget Tetris Worlds ever existed.) This is going to be as loose an adaptation as Battleship, I suppose, but probably even harder to work anything resembling the game into the movie. I mean, the game is so abstract.
The weird thing is it’s being made by the same people as the Mortal Kombat movies, and the first of those actually wasn’t so bad.

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