Confession of a Wikiholic

If I lose track of time, it’s most likely because I was reading a website with huge numbers of pages all linked, which of course any wiki is a great example of. TV Tropes is probably the worst best most time-consuming, but it can also happen with Wikipedia or other reference sites, or on any fandom wiki (of which TFwiki is by far the best in both completeness and style).

Basically, if there’s a subject I’m interested in and a ton of links, this can happen:

(xkcd also did one about TV Tropes, but I can’t remember its title.)

And more often then not, I’m there until I have an external reason to leave; not because I’m “done”.

It’s not entirely a bad thing since I’ve certainly learned things that I’ve been able to apply from some of those sites, but there are definitely times when I just look at a clock and wish I hadn’t spent so long there.


6 thoughts on “Confession of a Wikiholic”

  1. The day I discovered TV Tropes (oddly enough or maybe not oddly enough through Cracked), I didn’t realize I was going to lose my soul as well. It was…overwhelming because I’d had these ideas for years, and I had NO clue that there was website that had compiled them all and then some. I had to start limiting my time to two hours a night otherwise I would get nothing else done. Now my vocabulary is ruined or enhanced (depending on how you look at it) as I partake in “troper talk,” and I link to the site often in my blog posts, and I can’t watch anything without breaking it down into tropes, which I have absolutely no problem with. Some people apparently think over-analysis ruins narratives. I think it enhances them and allows you to see how they all can tie together. I love how meta that site itself is and how there are tropes about tropes and tropes about TV Tropes. It’s a goldmine for authors, essayists, literati, and academics to say the least. Eep, sorry or gushing so much over this 🙂

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      1. Cracked is definitely another one because they always have suggestions at the bottom of their articles. TV Tropes you just need to stagger your time. I actually want to start doing a weekly trope post with my favorite ones and example narratives thereof and/or do a Question of the Week where I talk about it 🙂

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  2. We often link to TV Tropes from our blog articles and whenever our stats reports show people have clicked through to it from them I always think “well there goes that guy’s whole afternoon.”

    I have learned a lot from TV Tropes, though, I like how it shows the bigger pop-cultural picture.

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  3. I think I saw it refered to as wikidrifting one time…I do the same thing with IMDB too (this actor looks familiar, which leads to another actor, which leads to, and then, etc…)


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