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30-Day Anime Challenge Day 18: Supporting Female Character

“Favorite supporting female anime character”

This is tricky because the one I named as my favorite female anime character already wasn’t the main character.

But I think I’ll say

badass grandma

Genkai from Yu Yu Hakusho. It’s rare for the mentor character in a shounen anime to be a woman, or for any fighting character in any anime to be an old woman. But age doesn’t seem to hold Genkai back, and not just because using her strongest technique makes her temporarily young again.

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30 Day Anime Challenge Day 10: Fighter Anime

“Favorite Fighter Anime”

This is a category that can get a little fuzzy; exactly how much does the focus have to be on fighting to qualify as a fighter anime? But  I think it’s safe to assume that s-CRY-ed counts.


I’ve seen s-CRY-ed (a very good example of how some anime titles having unusual capitalization and punctuation) described as a cross between a fighting anime and X-Men, due to the premise of people being born with a wide variety of unique superhuman powers. The diversity of abilities (some of which are very unique) certainly makes for some very interesting fights.

Anime with fighting tournaments are essentially a subgenre of their own, so I’ll also name my favorite in that category: Yu Yu Hakusho.