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I won a writing challenge…sort of

I wrote a story for the 7th What Will You Write at I Read Encyclopedias for Fun. And now the winner has been announced and it’s my story, “Breanna”. Unfortunately, this is because there were no other entries, so “winning” isn’t anything to brag about.

But the judge, Peggy, said some very nice things about my story, so I’m glad that she and Jay Dee decided to have a winner anyway.

The winner of  What Will You Write Challenge #7 is D.T. Nova with “Breanna.”

While this was the only entry, it’s my opinion it would have been a difficult one to beat and deserves the win!

D.T. Nova’s piece has nice paced dialog that reveals the conflict between the main character Breanna and the protagonist Alexander, who share the inheritance of Prometheus Corporation.  Multiple levels of conflict within and between the characters, amplified by the youth of the heir, is presented very well, and there is a captivating twist to the challenge prompt. I won’t go into more detail lest I give out a spoiler, and suggest if you haven’t already read this story, please give it a read!

Here is the link to the announcement, and here is the link to my original post.

I was actually worried about things like whether my dialogue was really good enough (particularly considering how this story is mostly dialogue) and whether my writing style was a good match for internal conflict, so it’s very reassuring to read things like that.



Another story written for a challenge at The Daily Post. Link at the end.


              When I heard that a dragon had been seen with a young damsel, of course I set off to slay the beast and rescue her. The journey to the dragon’s lair was quite uneventful, but the shock of its location more than made up for it. Dragons are not normally known for inhabiting human-made structures other than wizards’ towers, but this one lived in a farmhouse. I can only imagine that it had gobbled up the farmer.

              The beast was so frightening that it didn’t even need to keep the damsel tied up. But of course I, a brave knight, am never frightened. I raised my lance, and that was when the maiden noticed me. She fell instantly in love, but underestimated my strength. “Don’t go near Mr. Snuggles!” She was so certain that the dragon would crush me to death, and indeed it wrapped its arms around me in such an attempt, but I was stronger than it. I lowered my lance straight through it’s skull. I never would have thought I could slay a dragon in one blow.

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Looking for a writing challenge?

This writing challenge has just had its deadline extended because there’s only one submission; mine. Personally I’m surprised there aren’t a few; I think it’s an idea that has potential for a variety of stories.

So if you want to write something and don’t have an idea, or if you do this kind of thing all the time and just didn’t know about this one, or just want to prove you can write better than me (ideally everyone should write their own before reading anyone else’s, but the situation’s already not ideal), go here.

Meeting the Parents

Here’s a little story I wrote in one day.

Meeting the Parents

              Opening the door to meet Beth’s family was the hardest thing Lucy had ever done. Beth had only been trying to prepare Lucy, but maybe she’d warned her a little too much. But Lucy had always been taught to face her fears, so she held back her nervousness and knocked.

              A man that Lucy assumed was Beth’s father opened the door. He scanned her up and down more than once before saying anything. “Are you Lucy?”


              “Come in. We’ve been expecting you.”

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Writing Challenge: Good Fortune: Breanna

Jay Dee over at I Read Encyclopedias for Fun has posted a writing challenge, and here’s my entry.

In any genre, just write a story about someone who very quickly (as in overnight) has gone from broke or poverty to being very rich. The source of good fortune can be anything… winning the lottery, a gift or an inheritance, a genie, … or ???  The only other element that needs to be included: they are required to share the new found bounty with another person or persons they don’t like or don’t trust.

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