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Authors Answer 58 – Author Online Hangouts

I Read Encyclopedias for Fun

In the past, long before the internet, it was difficult to interact with authors. They could be contacted by mail, and maybe you could see them at an event, but it was not easy to seek them out otherwise. These days, the internet has provided both authors and readers a way to communicate easily. Some authors are very involved with the public, others are not. So, where can you find us online?

320px-Modern-ftn-pen-cursiveQuestion 58 – What are some online forums or websites you use to have discussions with other authors?

D. T. Nova

Honestly, the most interaction I have with other authors is probably actually in the comment sections for authors’ blogs.

Aside from that, I spend some time on Goodreads’s forums.

Gregory S. Close

Although it’s as much with readers as authors, I find the r/fantasy community of Reddit the best outlet for all things fantasy.  Good discussion.  Honest…

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WordPress, stop changing things!

First they invented that terrible new stats page and refused to provide an option to have the “old” one come up as the default, and now the link to the more complete (“old”) stats page has been made more obscure, to the point where I almost didn’t notice it.

More on the stats page in a minute, but so that you don’t see a long post and assume it’s all about that, here’s the other latest annoying change: notifications now look worse, possibly take longer to load, and depending on the type they now require more clicks to actually click on the links in them.

Now, back to that stats page:

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Scheduling posts apparently doesn’t work

Based on somebody else saying they had a problem with it, I tried to schedule my previous post instead of publishing it immediately; it published immediately anyway. I’d never tried this before but I assume the feature hasn’t been nonfunctional for the entire time that it’s existed, so it’s probably yet another example of an “upgrade” making something worse.

I’m scheduling this post for 6:00 PM Central Time tonight (Dec 10), so if you see it before that, this makes twice.

(Or maybe it was just a time zone issue? Can the first person who sees this please comment and say what time it was?)