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Song Challenge Day 21: At my wedding

“A song you want to dance to at your wedding”

Assuming, of course, I were to marry someone who agrees, my answer is “Toki Ni Ai Wa” (At Times, Love is…) by Masami Okui. This is my favorite romantic song ever, in any language. (And no, even though it’s associated with a yuri couple, the lyrics aren’t actually specific to any particular combination of genders.)

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Awesome Music Thursday: Toki Ni Ai Wa

Both the series and the movie versions of Utena are very mindscrewy (Is that a word?), and not even in very similar ways. The dance scene at the start of this AMV is widely considered the best part of the movie, in no small part due to this song: Toki Ni Ai Wa by Masami Ouki.

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