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Video Game Challenge Day 15: Most addictive

“Most addictive game”

It could easily be Tetris, but the fact that I spent around 500 hours on Dragon Quest IX and a combined thousands of hours playing various Pokemon games makes me lean toward one of those two.

DQIX actually has in-game accolades for things like “play 1000 hours” and even “play 1000 hours in multiplayer”.

Video Game Challenge Day 2: Favorite Game

“Favorite video game”

A much harder question. Either Super Smash Bros. Brawl or Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, I’ll decide between them after I’m played the new one more.

Xenogears is a strong candidate as well; I’ll be saying more about it later.

One less obvious game that’s definitely up near the top for me is Super Robot Taisen Original Generation 2 for the Game Boy Advance. I know it’s not even the best game in the Super Robot Wars series, but it’s the best one that can be played in English.

Finally, there’s one truly timeless game that must be named. No, not Pac-Man, Mega Man, or anything with Mario (I just named one with them, though); this is a game that, with no characters at all, guaranteed that for the rest of my life “The Nutcracker” would make me think of falling blocks:


(Uploaded by Kylin69)

I question whether Tetris really needs to be identified, but that’s the NES version.

Live-action WHAT?!

Movies based on video games are rarely any good. In some cases, the whole idea that they would want to make that game into a movie is baffling; or then there are a few that might make good animated movies but get inexplicably made in live-action instead. I thought the long-rumored and probably-cancelled live-action Pac-Man was a bad idea, but then I heard about this:

Tetris. You know, a puzzle game that doesn’t have any characters. (Let’s forget Tetris Worlds ever existed.) This is going to be as loose an adaptation as Battleship, I suppose, but probably even harder to work anything resembling the game into the movie. I mean, the game is so abstract.
The weird thing is it’s being made by the same people as the Mortal Kombat movies, and the first of those actually wasn’t so bad.