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Video Game Challenge Day 12: Platform games

“Favorite action or platform game”

Platform games have been one of the central game genres ever since Super Mario Bros. if not earlier. The majority of characters or series who have been mascots for an entire system or company have had platform games.

There was a time when I liked Sonic’s games better than Mario’s, but that’s changed and the fact that there were some bad Sonic games isn’t really the reason. I have more nostalgia for Super Mario Bros. 3, but Super Mario World is probably the better game in most respects.

But I think Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy’s Kong Quest is even better than any Mario game. (I’ve also enjoyed the more recent DKC games from Retro more than Mario’s recent games, so i guess that’s consistent.) The more equal partnership between the two playable monkeys (or whatever kind of primate Dixie is), the animal buddies, the bonus levels, the pirate theme; despite the big guy not being playable it’s still the ideal Donkey Kong Country game for me, and my favorite platform game of all time.

(My favorite 3D platform game is Super Mario Galaxy 2.)

Video Game Challenge Day 1: First Game

“Very first video game you played”

This time this question is easy with no ambiguity. It was the Atari 2600 version of Donkey Kong, which was packed in with the Coleco Gemini.


(Yes, that brown blob is supposed to be everyone’s favorite ape.)

I’ve always been a little confused about the fact that Coleco made an Atari 2600 clone and Atari games when they also their own console, the Colecovision. Especially since the name “Gemini” makes it sound like it might play Colecovision games too, but no, it doesn’t, and in fact it was the opposite; the Colecovision had an add-on that emulated the 2600 (with different hardware so it didn’t actually violate Atari’s patents), and the Gemini was a standalone version of that add-on.

Though I didn’t get really into video games until the NES. My first NES game is the most common answer to that question, Super Mario Bros., which incidentally is also the game that holds the record for the longest time between the first time I played it and the first time I completed it; 18 years!