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Song Challenge Day 1: A song that makes me happy

“A song that makes you happy”

This could mean a lot of things.

“Stronger Than you”, Garnet’s song from the season 1 finale of Steven Universe, makes me me happy just by existing.

(Composed and written by Rebecca Sugar. Sung by Estelle (Garnet).)

Here it is in context:

(uploaded by Afro Presents)

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Video Game Challenge Day 5: Favorite character of other/no gender

“Favorite character of non-binary or player-defined gender”

This is where gender-selectable RPG protagonists go, and Robin from Fire Emblem Awakening would hardly be a bad choice, but I’ve got someone else in mind. And no, it’s not Subaru either.

In this case, I’m going with a classic character who’s been in a lot of games. Originally a sidekick, but also the star of their own series. Sometimes called “he” but lays eggs. Also sometimes paired up with an even earlier character who was the first transsexual character in video game history.

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Crossover Chaos: Project X Zone

This is the opening to Project X Zone, a crossover SRPG for 3DS, featuring characters from Namco, Capcom, and Sega.

Actually, it’s both the English and Japanese openings; same animation, different music due to an issue with licensing the Japanese song. I don’t really like either song nearly as well as the one from Namco X Capcom, but the animation, by Studio Trigger, is incredible.

(uploaded by Yongho098)

As you can see from the video, everything I mentioned here has also crossed over with a whole lot more: Sakura Wars, Shining Force Exa, Space Channel 5, Super Robot Wars Original Generation, God Eater and more.

Subaru Kujou

Yesterday, I said I couldn’t think of a good example of a definitively genderless human character in anime. But I can easily name one from an anime-style video game: Subaru Kujou from Sakura Taisen V, also known as Sakura Wars: So Long My Love.


Subaru actually outright says that gender isn’t important and certainly seems to be portrayed as not wanting to identify as either male or female.

Subaru’s physical sex is never really made clear, but it’s implied to be something other than ‘typical’ female a few times. Subaru alludes to having a reason beyond shyness for not joining the others (women) in the bath, won’t change clothes in front of anyone, and even seems to be immune to one villain’s power that only works on women.

Awesome Music Thursday: Sakura Wars

Sakura Wars is a series of games from Sega that started on the Saturn. They’re part visual novel, part SRPG. Unfortunately, the only one of the games ever localized into English was also the last one, on PS2 and Wii.

There was also a Sakura Wars anime, which was available in Egnlish long before any of the games were.

Here are videos featuring the main songs from Sakura Wars 3:

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