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My 10 Favorite Anime OPs of the 2000s

Or “the rise of the series that change OPs really often and artists fond of caps lock”.

10. Gurren Lagann, “Sorairo Days” by Nakagawa Shouko

I love the way the third opening actually uses the later part of the song.

Incidentally, it just edged out the opening for New Getter Robo. Even on this list Gurren Lagann overshadows what it homages.

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30 Day Anime Challenge Day 26: Best Fight

“Best anime fight”

There are so many that I liked a lot, but I’m not sure if one stands out as a favorite.

Kazuma vs. Ryuhou in the last episode of s-CRY-ed. (This one gets pretty brutal.)

The final battle from Shaman King.

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30 Day Anime Challenge Day 10: Fighter Anime

“Favorite Fighter Anime”

This is a category that can get a little fuzzy; exactly how much does the focus have to be on fighting to qualify as a fighter anime? But  I think it’s safe to assume that s-CRY-ed counts.


I’ve seen s-CRY-ed (a very good example of how some anime titles having unusual capitalization and punctuation) described as a cross between a fighting anime and X-Men, due to the premise of people being born with a wide variety of unique superhuman powers. The diversity of abilities (some of which are very unique) certainly makes for some very interesting fights.

Anime with fighting tournaments are essentially a subgenre of their own, so I’ll also name my favorite in that category: Yu Yu Hakusho.