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30 Day Anime Challenge Day 9: Best Villain

“Best anime villain”


Ali Al-Saachez, from Gundam 00. There’s no one else that I love to hate more than him. Feats include:

1. Brainwashes child soldiers (including a certain future Gundam Meister) with stuff he doesn’t even believe himself.

2. Also responsible for the attack that killed the family of one two other Gundam meisters.

3. More or less intentionally creating a “she knows too much” situation so he has an excuse to kill a reporter (who’s the sister of another major character).

4. Killing one of the Trinity brothers and hijacking a Gundam.

5. Making you feel sorry for the Trinity siblings, who are pretty bad themselves.

6. Using said stolen Gundam to kill two Gundam pilots, including one of the main four.

Runners-up include Johan Leibert (Monster), Makoto Shishio (Rurouni Kenshin), and Vamdemon/Myotismon (Digimon Adventure).

30 Day Anime Challenge Day 3: Favorite Male Character

“Favorite male anime character ever”


Kenshin Himura, the main character of Rurouni Kenshin. A former assassin who wanders around helping the helpless to atone for his past crimes. He swore to never kill again, so he fights with a sakabatō, a katana that has the edge on the wrong side.

He’s a hero who’s very serious about not killing, but he doesn’t completely lose it when he thinks that he did kill someone, which is one of the reasons I like him better than Vash the Stampede. (Spoilers for Trigun below the read more tag.)

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