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30 Day Anime Challenge Day 1: Very First Anime

“Very first anime you watched”

I have very vague memories of…whichever dub of Gatchaman was on TV in the early 80s (I think it was G-Force), but I’m not sure that should count.

The first anime I watched after being old enough to care what I watched was probably Voltron. The first few Lion Force episodes, to be specific.

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Top 21 craziest anime/game hair: 21-16

Hair in anime and video games can be any color of the visible spectrum and defy the laws of physics.

This is my list of 21 of the weirdest, most unrealistic, or just plain crazy examples of hairstyles in anime, manga, and video games.

(It was going to be top 20 but then I remembered an obvious one and didn’t want to take anyone off the list.)

a fiery redhead with hotblooded sideburns

#21. Cutie Honey

Though her original incarnation technically wasn’t a magical girl, this android is close enough to be considered the prototype of the “magical girl warrior” subgenre that includes Sailor Moon and Pretty Cure.

And she’s on the list because she’s a girl with the same kind of sideburns as every other Go Nagai protagonist.

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