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Authors Answer 67 – The Challenge of Writing Romance

I have had ideas for stories that would be more or less focused on romance.

I Read Encyclopedias for Fun

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, chocolates are soon to be eaten. Romance is in the air. But how easy is it to write romance? Some authors are not romantic, while others do it with ease. Making it believable is a challenge. Nothing worse than cheesy romance. How do our authors handle it?

Francesco_Hayez-RomeoandJulietQuestion 67 – Valentine’s Day is coming up. How do you handle the romantic aspect of writing in fiction?

D. T. Nova

The way that feels right to me.

The most involved romantic subplots I’ve written don’t follow many conventions of the actual romance genre.

One thing I do with particular intent is try not to treat any big step forward in a relationship as an “ending”. There are plenty of stories that do that that I like, and I don’t have an issue with any specific one of them; I just think it’s already common enough as…

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Song Challenge Day 21: At my wedding

“A song you want to dance to at your wedding”

Assuming, of course, I were to marry someone who agrees, my answer is “Toki Ni Ai Wa” (At Times, Love is…) by Masami Okui. This is my favorite romantic song ever, in any language. (And no, even though it’s associated with a yuri couple, the lyrics aren’t actually specific to any particular combination of genders.)

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