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The small world with the big heart

New Horizons made its closest approach to Pluto this morning, but it’s actually too busy observing to transmit right now, plus it’s so far away that it takes hours for the signal to get here.

But if this picture, which it took from about 50 times as far away, is any indication, the closeup ones should be incredible.


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“Reactionless” drive may also be a Warp Drive?

I’m a little behind with this; I was deliberately holding back for a couple of reasons.

I wrote about a “quantum vacuum plasma thruster”, in other words a device similar to the one that this latest news involves, a few times during the early days of this blog, never really saying much about it myself. Since then, I’ve done more research, and found that the variety of explanations for how it’s supposed to work is wider than I’d been aware of, but none of them seem to be very likely and some of them violate the law of conservation of momentum. Nonetheless, there does seem to be some evidence that the EmDrive does in fact work somehow.

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