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Song Challenge Day 29: Stuck in my head

“A song currently stuck in your head”

I have something to say about ear worms. And I don’t mean the kind from Star Trek II.

A song’s ability to get into your head and just stay there isn’t necessarily proportional to how much you like it, even though that’s generally the way you wish it would work.

Right now, it’s “PonPonPon” by Kyary Pamyu Pamyu. This song is really cute and generally feel-good, so it’s not a bad thing at all to keep hearing it…unless I’m trying to concentrate on something important.

And no, I don’t know what kind of drugs were involved in the production of the video.

Song Challenge Day 16: Guilty Pleasure

“A song that is your guilty pleasure”

Moving into much more mainstream territory here. t.A.T.u. were very popular around the beginning of the millennium, and “All the Things She Said” is their most famous song.

Though, now that I think about it, I heard about t.A.T.u. before their English debut (I swear I’m not saying that for any hipster-y reason.) on the shoujoai.com forum, so I guess I still discovered them because of anime.

Anyway, what makes this song a guilty pleasure? Not the song itself, and not the artists (actually they’re kind of awesome; when told they couldn’t comment on the Iraq war on the Tonight Show, they wore shirts that said “F*ck war!” in Russian (yes, the camera cut away when they kissed)), but everything I’ve ever heard about their original manager makes him sound very controlling and quite possibly a total creep, and he did direct this song’s video.

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Song Challenge Day 12: Best friend

“A song that reminds you of your best friend”

Basically due to memories of watching Naruto together. This is “Go!!!” by FLOW, everyone’s favorite pre-Shippuden Naruto opening.

No, I don’t know why the official music video for this song is about a Terminator trying to skateboard either.

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