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M is for Monster


What exactly is the definition of a monster? I mean the “big destructive creature” kind of monster, not the “really evil person” kind. I think it’s a little questionable whether it’s ever okay for a natural animal, even in a supernatural setting, to be portrayed as a “monster” in the sense of it being okay to kill it without considering other options; I can’t deny that I like some of the classic ones that don’t make much sense to be anything other than animals, but I’d prefer to make them more like, well, animals. For truly monstrous monsters, I’d go with demons or with artificial creatures, depending on the setting.

For Project Quintessence, the villain Ashroth relies partially on created monsters that aren’t even made of normal matter; the alien nature is probably why I made many of them tend to be otherworldly tentacled creatures, but some of them are dragonlike as well.

Video Game Challenge Day 7: Favorite regular enemy

“Favorite regular enemy in any video game”

A lot of games have rather iconic regular enemies, often the weakest enemy in the game. The Goomba, Waddle Dee, Metaur (or however a particular game spells it), etc.

But my favorite is none other than the first enemy I ever faced in an RPG:


The Slime from Dragon Quest. These blue Hershey’s Kiss-shaped “monsters” might be most famous for low-level experience grinding, but they’ve gone on to be recruitable party members (with names like Gootrude and Goober) and star in their own spinoff games (Rocket Slime).

30 Day Anime Challenge Day 9: Best Villain

“Best anime villain”


Ali Al-Saachez, from Gundam 00. There’s no one else that I love to hate more than him. Feats include:

1. Brainwashes child soldiers (including a certain future Gundam Meister) with stuff he doesn’t even believe himself.

2. Also responsible for the attack that killed the family of one two other Gundam meisters.

3. More or less intentionally creating a “she knows too much” situation so he has an excuse to kill a reporter (who’s the sister of another major character).

4. Killing one of the Trinity brothers and hijacking a Gundam.

5. Making you feel sorry for the Trinity siblings, who are pretty bad themselves.

6. Using said stolen Gundam to kill two Gundam pilots, including one of the main four.

Runners-up include Johan Leibert (Monster), Makoto Shishio (Rurouni Kenshin), and Vamdemon/Myotismon (Digimon Adventure).

Meeting the Parents

Here’s a little story I wrote in one day.

Meeting the Parents

              Opening the door to meet Beth’s family was the hardest thing Lucy had ever done. Beth had only been trying to prepare Lucy, but maybe she’d warned her a little too much. But Lucy had always been taught to face her fears, so she held back her nervousness and knocked.

              A man that Lucy assumed was Beth’s father opened the door. He scanned her up and down more than once before saying anything. “Are you Lucy?”


              “Come in. We’ve been expecting you.”

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