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Song Challenge Day 27: Making Fun

“A song you make fun of”

Liking a song and making fun of it are nowhere near mutually exclusive, especially if the song is Japanese; have you heard the Engrish in some of the songs that are in anime? “Just Wild Beat Communication“. “Going Your Days Grow Up“. And of course “I Believe in Drastic My Soul“.

But “Honoo no Overdrive” by Koji Wada, the theme song of Transformers: Car Robots (original Japanese version of Robots in Disguise…er, the first one; say what you will about Japanese Transformers series having equally generic titles, but at least they’ve never repeated one.), is my go-to example.

(uploaded by Kenro200x)

“Go Boy! Convoy!”

“Fire Flush!” (Actually supposed to be “Fire Flash!”)

Song Challenge Day 18: Ringtone

“A song you want to be your ringtone”

It’s mostly an injoke that makes it so easy a pick, but I really do think “Butter-Fly” by Koji Wada, AKA the opening from Digimon Adventure, would be a good choice for one.

(uploaded by Digisoul.net)

There are few musicians I respect more than Koji Wada, not only because I like his songs, but also because he returned to singing after overcoming throat cancer.

Awesome music Thursday: Butter-Fly

Have you heard? They’re making a new Digimon series that goes back to the cast and setting of the original series.

And the oddly-named opening song of Digimon Adventure was pretty special. Koji Wada’s first song and still his most famous, and once voted the second-best anime opening of all time, this song (as well as the evolution song Brave Heart) has been known to cause nostalgia even in those who only ever saw the series as a dub that didn’t keep the music.

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