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Song Challenge Day 4: Reminds me of something sad

“A song that reminds you of something sad”

My number one pick for this is probably the song I’ll be naming for day 8, but for now, the surprisingly tragic classical version of “Servant of Evil”.

(uploaded by ThatCylindricalGuy)

This one is a little complicated to credit. It’s originally by Akuno-P/mothy, but this is Tetoteto’s arrangement rather than the original. The visuals of the video were made by Hamu-ren, and the translation by animeyay. And of course it’s sung by the vocaloid Kagamine Len.

Awesome Music Thursday: Alluring Secret ~Black Vow~

One thing I like about Vocaloid songs is that a lot of them tell a story.

This one’s a pretty good example, the tragedy of a fallen angel who falls in love with a human. Actually in this case the song itself is a little weird.

(Uploaded by (note) Music (note))