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Song Challenge Day 19: Obsession

“A song you’re currently obsessed with”

I thought about various short-term obsessions, but ultimately decided to go with one that’s lasted long enough I can be sure it won’t change between now and the end of the challenge. (Several of the other songs I considered are my picks for other days.)

I first heard this song about three years ago, and I am still obsessed with it. The only reason I haven’t featured it in “Awesome Music Thursday” is because I wanted to save it for a special occasion. I have been known to listen to this song on a loop. When I feel really down and need to motivate myself, I listen to this song.

The song in question is “GONG” by JAM Project, the theme from The 3rd Super Robot Wars Alpha.

It doesn’t start at the very beginning of this video by InfringementMAN, but it has the lyrics.

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Song Challenge Day 17: Hearing live

“A song you like hearing live”

I don’t go to a lot of concerts. And trying to find a favorite out of those songs I have heard live, I’m kind of drawing a blank here.

Instead, I’m going to name songs I wish I had heard live, which are mostly the ones that really get my blood pumping. I would have really loved to have been there for this recent performance of “SKILL” by JAM Project, but, you know, I’m not in Japan. Yeah, they’ve still got it.

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