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Awesome Music Thursday: 8-bit Invoke

I’ve posted about Studio Megaane before. And Gundam SEED is a pretty good series (that’s become underrated among English-speaking fans after getting caught in the backlash against the less good Gundam SEED Destiny.). No one denies that SEED and Destiny both had some good music, though.

Here’s Studio Megaane’s version of the first Gundam SEED opening, Invoke.

30 Day Anime Challenge Day 11: Mech Anime

“Favorite mech anime”

I like mecha. I’m even writing a novel with anime-style mecha in it. I already said Gurren Lagann was my favorite anime, so to avoid repeating myself, I’ll name something else:

My second favorite super robot anime that I’ve seen is G Gundam. Gundam is known for pioneering the ‘real robot’ genre, but when they made a super robot series, the result was so hammy and so cheesy that it belonged between two slices of bread, and it was awesome either despite or because of that depending on your point of view. My favorite really traditional/classic super robot anime is UFO Robot Grendizer.

My favorite real robot anime is probably also a Gundam series. I think I like SEED a little better than 00. I think SEED gets some undeserved hate from English speaking Gundam fans because it gets lumped together with SEED Destiny, which had some problems due to constant changes during productions.