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Scattered E3 impressions

I know I haven’t been posting much recently. I’ve been busy with other things, and I don’t really expect to get around to some of the other thing I have in mind for a few weeks.

This particular week one of the things that’s been occupying my time has been following the news from E3, so for now I’m just going to say a few things about a few games.

I’ve never even been that big a Star Fox fan, and I think Star Fox Zero is one of the best games shown.

And it goes without saying that Super Mario Maker is really shaping up to be a must have.

Nintendo is still being annoyingly vague about whether Fire Emblem Fates has two versions like the Japanese release. Though the title seems to be consistent with that nonsense, while the Japanese title (Fire Emblem If) sounds more like the way the game was originally announced where you make an important choice during the game instead of being locked into one by buying it.