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My Mecha Anime Recommendations

In the process of writing my Mecha that Changed Anime posts, I unavoidably also thought about what I’d say here.

These are my top ten (plus one) favorite mecha anime. (Note there are series with some mecha elements that I’d consider better than some of these, but aren’t quite “mecha” enough to belong on this list: Magic Knight Rayearth, Tekkaman Blade, and FLCL come to mind.)

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30 Day Anime Challenge Day 2: Favorite Anime

“Favorite anime you’ve watched so far”

My favorite anime series is Gurren Lagann. It just has the ideal combination of quality and fun. I might be more of a fan of certain longer series because there’s more to enjoy and talk about in them, but I’m not sure that’s entirely the same thing as favorite.

My favorite anime movie is Princess Mononoke. I’m not sure that one needs to be explained.