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Project Quintessence: Alterth

This is the mech that Ertiada uses at the beginning of the story.

Name: Alterth

Pilot: Ertiada

Height: 5.1 meters

Weight: 4000kg

Color: red

Energy source: steam engine augmented by aether

Propulsion: running only

Equipment: special coating prevents aether leakage

Weapons: crossbow on left arm, armor-piercing spike on right arm, heavy sword, mana cannon on left shoulder

Project Quintessence blurb

This may or may not be the final, official blurb for my first novel, but I am confident that I won’t change things in a way that makes this description inaccurate.  (And if I do turn out to be wrong about that, hey, here’s a glimpse into an earlier version.)

Alice never had any problem naming things she wished she could change, but recently, her own life is changing so fast she can barely keep up. Just when she’s starting to get used to her mom getting married and her friend Ken being her new stepbrother, a strange and fascinating girl drops into her life and ends up living in her house.

Ertiada has purple hair and pentagram tattoos, doesn’t speak English very well, and flirts with Alice as soon as she asks her name. And then there’s the spellbook and the giant robot she brought with her from her world.

Before long, Alice, her brother Hiiro, and Ken find themselves joining a team with Ertiada, using aether-powered mecha called Variable Guardians to fight the monsters and machines sent by a secret organization that has some otherworldly help of its own.