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Video Game Challenge Day 17: Supporting character

“Favorite supporting character”

For a video game, the distinction between “main” and “supporting” can be pretty clear; in most genres, anyone who’s not playable (and isn’t an enemy) is a supporting character. It can still get a little blurry, though, with really major characters like Zelda. (Or really minor playable ones in some games.)

This might be stretching the definition a little since she tags along with the player throughout the entire game, but she’s not really a party member in gameplay terms. Ruby from Lunar: Eternal Blue.


This sarcastic flying cat baby red dragon has a lot of the best dialogue in the game. She’s got a crush on Hiro, which is kind of creepy since she’s a cat dragon and he’s a human, though Lunar’s dragons can learn to shift into a human form too. She is also somehow able to carry around a ridiculous number of items in the Sega CD version of the game, and occasionally swoops down to finish a weakened enemy.


Another story written for a challenge at The Daily Post. Link at the end.


              When I heard that a dragon had been seen with a young damsel, of course I set off to slay the beast and rescue her. The journey to the dragon’s lair was quite uneventful, but the shock of its location more than made up for it. Dragons are not normally known for inhabiting human-made structures other than wizards’ towers, but this one lived in a farmhouse. I can only imagine that it had gobbled up the farmer.

              The beast was so frightening that it didn’t even need to keep the damsel tied up. But of course I, a brave knight, am never frightened. I raised my lance, and that was when the maiden noticed me. She fell instantly in love, but underestimated my strength. “Don’t go near Mr. Snuggles!” She was so certain that the dragon would crush me to death, and indeed it wrapped its arms around me in such an attempt, but I was stronger than it. I lowered my lance straight through it’s skull. I never would have thought I could slay a dragon in one blow.

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