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Awesome Music Thursday: The World

A lot of people seem to like Death Note’s second opening better, but the one that’s always stuck with me is the first one, The World by Nightmare.

(unploaded by Kazuto Kiragaya)

And here’s the full song.

(uploaded by TheLegitExperience)

30 Day Anime Challenge Day 13: Similar character

“Anime character you are most similar to”

I have a lot in common with Light Yagami from Death Note.


I like to plan things, but sometimes I get frustrated and mess up my own plans. I got good grades when I was in school and value intelligence over physical strength. I think the world has a lot of problems and would like it if I had an easy way to solve them. And I know how to make eating a potato chip seem epic.

But I don’t kill people or have a god-complex.