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Growing Up

I wrote this for Flash! Friday.

Growing Up

“That umbrella won’t protect you from a storm if you’re in the sea!”

“Maybe I don’t want to be protected.”

“He can’t be worth it!”

“Good guess, wrong pronoun.”

“If you mean you like girls, I’ll be your comfort. For half price.”

At that, the lady in red turned around. “Go home.”

“I don’t have a home.”



“Where do you sleep?”

“With whoever pays me to.”

“I mean the rest of the time.”

“In the park.”

“Not tonight. Come to my place.” Amanda happily followed. “I’m Akane.”


“Maybe it’s time to grow up.”

“I’m not inexperienced.”

“Not you. Me.”

“Usually anyone who looks like you isn’t a virgin unless she wants to be.”

“I never said I was…or that I was buying. That’s not the area where I’m being immature. My mother thinks I’ll outgrow liking girls…but I think what I need to outgrow is giving so much weight to what she says.”