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Vote for Ford Kinder and Anne Bryant

Voting for the Transformers Hall of Fame is now open through the official Transformers App.

Vote for whoever you want to out of the character categories (and laugh at some of the strangest art and bio choices they’ve ever had), but I want to talk about the one for real-life people. This is the first time they’ve ever had a real person/people be inducted by popular vote, and the category is “Best Musical Act Used In TRANSFORMERS Branded Production” (capitalization Hasbro’s).

However, the voting may be skewed because Hasbro neglected to say what the nominees actually did.

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Angry Birds Transformers

Just got Angry Birds Transformers on my Android tablet yesterday. It’s not bad. The gameplay is like a cross between Angry Birds, one of those always-running games, and a shooter…and unfortunately one of those resource/time management games too.

Unlike Angry Birds Star Wars, which largely followed the plots of the movies, the story in this is largely original. There’s barely an explanation for why the Autobirds and Deceptihogs are teamed up. On the other hand, where else would you ever see Heatwave and Bludegeon together?

The names of the achievements are full of obscure Transformers references, so somebody involved with this really knew their stuff.

Aside from the time management aspects, the most annoying thing is that there doesn’t seem to be a way to rewatch the cutscenes or the animated intro.